Calendar for E&M II Spring 2012

Written homework was assigned on Wednesdays, due the following Wednesdays at the start of class.

Weekend Preflights (online homework) were made available on Friday afternoons, due the following TUESDAY MORNING (at 10 AM).

Students were expected to complete the readings before the lecture.

For all the detailed lecture notes (scans of handwritten notes) see the SP12 course lecture notes page.

For each lecture in the list below there is a link to the clicker data from that day, which includes a screenshot for each question and student responses. More detailed information on all of the clicker questions from lectures (and a few extras) can be found in the Clickers tab.

When appropriate, there are also links to PDF versions of the tutorials used on each day. All of the SP12 tutorials and source files can be downloaded in a single zipped file.

Lecture Topics Homework due this week!
Week 1:

Jan 18-20
Review Griffiths Ch. 1-6. Focus on ch. 2 and 5, and 1 as needed.

Also, see my lecture notes link!

Introduction, then review all week.

1. Overview of 3310, focus on electrostatics.
     Clicker summary

2. Review of Electrostatics and Gauss' law
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #0A

3. More review of electrostatics
     Tutorial #0B     Tutorial #0C

Homework #0 : Due Fri, in Class

Week 2:

Jan 23-27

Ch. 7.1 for Fri.

1. Review.
     Clicker summary

2. Finish review.
     Clicker summary

3. Ohm's law Conductors, magnetostics
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #01

Homework #1: Due Wed start of class
Week 3:

Jan 30 -
  Feb 3

Up to 7.2.3 for Wed. and Friday

1. Finish Ohm's law, and start on EMF
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #02

2. EMF and Motional EMF, the "flux rule"
     Clicker summary

3. More on "flux rule", and Faraday's law
     Tutorial #03

Preflight #1: Due Tues at 10 AM! (Log in to D2L, then our course, then find the "quizzes" link, and follow that... We grade this only on participation, not on correctness)
Homework #2: Due Wed Start of class
Week 4:

Feb 6 - 10
Ch 7.2.3 for Mon. Then 7.2.4 for Fri.
Then we will be covering "RLC" circuits and phasors - you need to see my lecture notes link!

1. Faraday's law
     Clicker summary

2. Mutual inductance, Inductors
     Clicker summary

3. Energy, and Inductors in simple circuits
     Clicker summary

Preflight #2: Due Tues at 10 AM.

Homework #3: Due Wed Start of class.

Week 5:

Feb 13 - 17
Finish RLC notes on Wed (see above). We'll move on to Griffiths 7.3.1-3 starting on Friday.

1. More inductors in circuits - "phasors"
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #04

2. Solving more general circuits with phasor idea (including Capacitors)
     Tutorial #05

3. The Maxwell-Ampere term
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #06A

Preflight #3:Due Tues at 10 AM.

Homework #4: Due Wed Start of class

Week 6:

Feb 20 - 24

(1st exam
Thu Feb 23, 7:30 PM)

7.3.4-6 this week.
(8.1.1, 8.1.2, for Friday)

1. Full maxwell equations.
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #06B

2. Boundary conditions
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #07

3. Wrapping up Ch 7 (boundary conditions) today. We'll be moving into "conservation of energy ideas" (Ch 8).
     Clicker summary

Preflight #4:Due Tues at 10 AM.

(No new homework due this week, because of the Thursday night exam)

Week 7:

Feb 27 -
  Mar 2

8.2.1 (Just skim remainder of Ch.8: 8.2.2 thru 8.2.4)

Maybe starting 9.1.1 on Weds

9.1.1 and 9.1.2 on Fri

(See Ch 8 lecture notes)

1. Poynting's theorem and conservation of energy
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #08

2. Conservation of momentum.
     Clicker summary

3. Wrapping up conservation laws, and starting on waves
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #09

Preflight #5: Due Tues at 10 AM.


Homework #5: Due Weds


Week 8:

Mar 5-9

9.1.3-4, and 9.2 (all)

(There are some lecture notes for Ch 9. More coming soon!)

1. 1D and 3D Waves
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #10

2. EM Waves
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #11

3. More on EM waves
     Clicker summary

Preflight #6: Due Weds at 10 AM.

Homework 6 due on Wed.

Week 9:

Mar 12-16

Read Griffiths 9.3.1-3 for this week


Also, see lecture notes for Ch 9.

1. Waves in matter, boundary conditions
     Clicker summary

2. Light scattering, reflection and transmission
     Clicker summary

3. More on reflection and transmission
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #12A

Preflight #7: Due Weds at 10 AM.

Homework 7 due on Wed.

Week 10:

Mar 19-23

Read Griffiths 9.4.1 for Monday and 9.4.2 for Wed, and just start 9.4.3 for Friday.


See also lecture notes on dispersion and conductors.

1. Wrap up R&T at oblique angles, then start on EM waves hitting conductors
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #12B

2. EM waves in conductors
     Clicker summary

3. Reflection from conductors, and the "good conductor" limit.
     Clicker summary

Preflight #8: Due Tues at 10 AM.

Homework 8 due on Wed.

Week 11:

Apr 2 - 6

Read Griffiths 9.4.3 for Mon. (We will skip 9.5!)
For Wed: Finishing 9.4.3,
For Friday: 10.1.1

1. Frequency dependence, phase and group velocity. (Dispersion)
     Clicker summary

2. Continuing with dispersion, and "anomalous dispersion)

3. Wrap up Ch 9, then start on potentials, V and A. (And, "gauge" choices)
     Clicker summary

Preflight #9 Due Weds at 10 AM.

Homework 9 due on Wed

Week 12:

Apr 9 - 13

EXAM 2, Thu Nite, Apr 12, 7:30pm

Read through 10.2.1. (You can skip p. 424 if you want)
Note: We will not cover anything more in Ch 10 in detail, though we'll discuss the concepts briefly before moving on.
Read 11.1.1 for Friday

1. More on the potentials, finding E and B, and gauge choices
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #13

2. "Retarded time" in the Lorentz gauge
     Clicker summary

3. Wrap up retarded time and summarize other Ch 10 topics. Intro to EM Radiation
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #14

No preflight due this week.

No HW due on Wed.

Week 13:

Apr 16 - 20

Read thru 11.1.3 for Mon. (We'll skip most of the rest of Ch 11, except for Eq 11.70 and some of the conceptual ideas in the rest of this chapter.) We'll get started on relativity Fri: 12.1.1-2 should be a review of Physics 3, but I'm guessing you'll want to "relearn" that! See the Great Pollock Review of Relativy PowerPoint Slides, also available in pdf version.


1. EM radiation from dipoles
     Clicker summary

2. More EM radiation
     Clicker summary

3. Blue sky, Larmor formula, and start special relativity, intro to Lorentz transformations
     Clicker summary

Preflight #10 Due Weds at 10 AM.

Homework 10 due Weds

Week 14:

Apr 23 - 27
Read through 12.1.4 for Monday. We'll cover 12.2 the rest of the week.

1. Relativity, the Lorentz transformations
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #15A

2. 4 vectors
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #15B

3. 4-velocity, invariants, and space-time diagrams
     Clicker summary     Tutorial #15C

No preflight this week

See the extra relativity review powerpoints (or, pdf version, if you don't have powerpoint)

Homework 11 will be due at the usual time, Wed

Week 15:

Apr 30 -
  May 4

(Final is Thu May 10, 7:30AM Morning)

Finish 12.2 if you haven't already, and this week we'll finish Ch 12!

1. Practice test today!

2. More on invariants, space-time intervals, 4-momentum,conservation of momentum
     Clicker summary

3. Wrapping up, with a focus on "covariant notation"
     Clicker summary

No preflight this week

Homework 12 (Last one!) Weds