E&M II Fall 2011 Lecture Notes

Below are Steve Pollock's lecture notes. These are "chatty" summaries following (closely but not exactly) the text. It's an alternative, but not a replacement, for your book!

Please let us know right away if you spot any serious typos in the notes! Email Steven.Pollock at colorado.edu. Thanks!

Week 1 (review of E&M I)
(Typo on page 3320-18, near bottom, had J but meant I in Ampere's law)

Ch 7, part 1 (through Griffiths 7.2)

Ch 7, part 2 (Supplement on RLC circuits and Phasors)

Ch 7, part 3 (Griffiths 7.3, Ampere-Maxwell equation,
and Maxwell's full equations in matter)

Chapter 8: Conservation of charge, energy and momentum

Chapter 9, part 1 : Waves (review, and from Maxwell's equations)

Chapter 9, part 2 : Griffiths 9.2 (last bit) and 9.3, reflection and transmission

Chapter 9, part 3 : Griffiths 9.4, Absorption and dispersion
Note that we will not be covering "waveguides" in class. It's interesting stuff - and of practical use if you deal with high frequency signaling, but we'll be moving on.

Chapter 10: Griffiths Ch 10, Time dependent potentials
Note that we're not covering (except qualitatively) p. 424, or section 10.2.2 or beyond.

Chapter 11 : Griffiths Ch 11, Radiation.
Note that we're not covering (except qualitatively) sections 11.1.4 on, (except for Equation 11.70, which we will talk about, but not derive formally)

Chapter 12 : Relativity notes (all)

If you want an alternative, here is a set of lecture notes from
Prof. Kinney's class (Spring 2011). You might find them helpful!