Recommended Electrodynamics Textbooks

The following textbooks were recommended by electrodynamics instructors at CU Boulder, and various physics faculty at outside institutions.

(see below)
D. J. Griffiths, Introduction to Electrodynamics, 3rd Ed.
(Prentice-Hall, Upper-Saddle River NJ, 1999) [Ch. 7-12]
M. A. Heald and J. B. Marion, Classical Electromagnetic Radiation, 3rd Ed.
(Brooks/Cole, Pacific Grove CA, 1994) [Ch. 4-9 & 14]
G. Pollack and D. Stump, Electromagnetism
(Addison-Wesley, Boston MA, 2001)
J. R. Reitz, F. J. Milford, R. W. Christy, Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory, 4th Ed.
(Addison-Wesley, Boston MA, 1992)
R. H. Good, Classical Electromagnetism
(Saunders College, Philadelphia PA, 1998) [for a 1-semester course]
D. Fleisch, A Student’s Guide to Maxwell’s Equations
(Cambridge University Press, 2008) [just Maxwell’s eqs.]
R. K. Wangsness, Electromagnetic Fields, 2nd Ed.
(Wiley & Sons, Hoboken NJ, 1986)