Recipe for Success.

1. Take this course seriously, starting on the first day. That means scheduling study time everyday, starting today.

2. Read the chapter and/or online notes before the lecture. Read carefully, do not skim.

3. Read with a pen and notebook. Take notes while you read, and work out example problems.

4. Attend every lecture, and participate in lecture: confer with your clicker group, ask questions. It is doesn't make sense to you, do something about it.

5. Donít attempt the homework without studying the chapter first. And start your CAPA assignments EARLY. If you wait till the last day, and you get stuck, you wonít have time to visit the Helproom.

6. Donít get isolated: Get in a study group. Go to the Help Room.

7. Donít fall behind; youíll never catch up.

8. Be an aggressive learner, not a passive listener. You must constantly ask yourself: Does this make sense? Do I understand it? How would I explain it to someone else?

9. Just reading the text, attending lecture, and doing the homework is not enough. You have to understand the material. Test of understanding: If you can explain the material, in words, to someone else, without referring to the text, then you understand. This course is not about memorizing; itís about understanding.