Lecture Notes, Physics 1120 Fall 2009, M. Dubson

Recipe for Success

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  • Exam 2 Material

Ch.23. Voltage

Ch.24. Capacitance

Ch.25. Electric Current

Ch.26. Circuits

Exam 2 Review

  • Exam 3 Material

Ch.26. RC Circuits

Ch. 27. Magnetism

Ch. 28. Magnetism 2

E and B field pics

Ch. 29. Faraday's Law

Exam 3 Review

Post-Exam 3 Material

Ch. 30. Inductors&AC crkts (notes include material not in Ch.30)

Review of Waves

Ch.32. EM Waves

Plane Wave pic

Ch.33, 34. Ray Optics

Final Exam Review



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