Lecture Notes, Physics 2010 Fall 2010, M. Dubson

Recipe for Success

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  • Exam 1 Material

Ch 2: Motion_1D

Ch 3, Sec1-4: Vectors

Exam 1 Review

  • Exam 2 Material

Ch 3, Sec 5-7: 2D_Motion

Ch 4: Newton's_Laws , F=ma Problems

Ch 5: Circular Motion/Gravity

Exam 2 Review


  • Exam 3 Material

Ch 6: Work and Energy

Ch 7: Linear Momentum

Ch 8: Rotational Motion

Exam 3 Review


Post-Exam 3 Material

Ch 9: Static Equilibrium

Ch.10: Fluids (statics only)

Ch 11 and 12: Waves

Ch.11: Simple HarmonicMotion

Ch.13/14: Thermal Physics

Final Exam Topic List

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