Modern Physics

Modern Physics Simulations

The online simulations listed below were used in both lectures and homeworks for the Spring 2011 modern physics course at CSM. (see SP11 course calendar. Most of these links lead directly to the PhET Interactive Simulations project, online simulations developed at the University of Colorado, many of them specifically for this course. There are a number of sims for all kinds of quantum phenomena that we didn't use, as well as general physics content. We would also recommend the Quantum Mechanics Simulations at the University of St Andrews. We welcome any suggestions for additional links!

Note that some older sims are java or flash. (Your mileage may vary running those on modern browsers - if you want to use these in classes be aware that e.g. some will not work on phones or pads)

Weeks 1-2: (Pre-Quantum)

Special Relativity:

We're aware of only a few simulations for topics from special relativity [please let us know about ones you think are good]. The special relativity lecture slides (CSM SP11) are nicely animated, but not particularly interactive. We have not tested them with students, but there are some interesting visualizations at:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 10:

Week 13:

Week 14:

Week 15:

  • CU used to maintain a "Physics 2000" website, but this is no longer supported and the links will likely fail. But for reference: Laser Cooling sims (BEC) and more at the Physics 2000 website.