Classical Mechanics/ Math Methods 1

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At CU Boulder, we are working on a long term project to help transform the first semester of our Classical Mechanics/Math Methods I course (generally taken by sophomores) to make better use of ideas and materials from the PER community.

Classical Mechanics/Math Methods I is the first course in a two-semester classical mechanics sequence. Content coverage is similar to the first half of most one-semester classical mechanics courses; this course concludes just before introducing the calculus of variations.

On this site, you will find a number of materials we have borrowed or developed. Feel free to use what you like - we would like to share materials, but also believe in giving credit to sources whenever possible.

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Materials on this site are organized using the menu above. You can navigate this site as you would a typical webpage to view or download course materials.

You can view all materials by navigating to the "Source Documents" folder.

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Please contact us if you plan to use all or part of these course materials for your own classical mechanics course. If you have already used these materials, please fill out a short survey (~ 5 min.) about your experience. Your valuable feedback will help us understand where and how these materials are being used, and ways they might be improved.

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